Difference Between Git & Github - Day 7

Do you remember back in school when you had to write a long final or term paper and forgot to save a part of it. Soon after it’s as if your computer almost realized it and decided to f**k you over and just stop working. There goes the last few pages you wrote and wasted time as you try to remember what you even wrote. I think that’s where my obsessive compulsive desire to constantly hit ‘command + S’ every 2 seconds came from to avoid that same situation ever again. Luckily though with Google Docs becoming more prevalent, it’s becoming harder to lose your work again as it auto-saves quite often for you.

I Love Analogies

I think analogies are a perfect transition for people to take a topic they know well and relate it to something new. In this situation it will be through explaining what Git & Github are and how they differ. Here you can think of Git as Microsoft Word where clicking ‘command + S’ writing your paper or document saves it to your local computer. Problem here is that if you lose your computer or it gets stolen, then you paper/documents are right there with the thief. If you were to store everything on Google Docs (which in this case is similar to Github) on the other hand you would still be able to retrieve everything as long as you had your username & password on any other computer. Difference here is that instead of saving your college paper, Git & Github provide a way to save your code files both locally and in the cloud. While this is just one of the many features Git & Github have, I hope that paints a more clear picture of how they differ.


  • Git (Microsoft Word) = Local Storage
  • Github (Google Documents) = Cloud Storage

Git & Github’s Main Features

  • They provide version control which allow you to revert back to past versions of your code
  • Provide a collaborative central location to work on the same code between multiple people/teams
  • Host free websites with (only Github)
  • Find new open source repositories to use in your own projects (only Github)

Check out the video below for a more in-depth overview for the Zero to Startup in 30 Days Challenge.

Getting Started with Git & Github - Day 7

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