Working w/ the Command Line - Day 5

Enter those cheesy 80’s movies where the world will end unless you stop the hacker from entering in one line of code…DESTRUCT

Today were going to learn how to become a famous computer hacker from those movies…or not. Obviously those movies aren’t real but what is real is the Terminal or also known as as Command Line tools they are using to send through those commands to the computer.

A Brief History Lesson

Believe it or not computers were not always as affordable and easy to use as they are today, looking at you people born after 2000 😳. It wasn’t until the price of the personal computer came down and more importantly the introduction of the GUI (Graphical User Interface) in the early 80’s.

What’s the GUI

In short the Graphical User Interface is just what the desktop of your computer looks like today with App Icons, Folders and clickable documents. Before the GUI the only way to interact though your computer was a Terminal or Command Line Tool which is what we are going to learn today.

But WHY?

It may seem counterintuitive to revert back to a technology that, while basic in it’s design, is very rich with features. There is a reason why every programmer will use this Command Line Tool everyday while coding. It may take a bit to get used to (just like anything new), but once adjusted it makes for creating files, making folder structures and simply navigating the computer more streamlined and efficient.

Let’s Learn

  • cd - (Change Directory)
  • ls - (List Directory)
  • mkdir - (Make Directory)
  • touch - (Create File)

Command Line Create Website


You can see about all in 5 lines in the Command Line we created our first folder and file for what is the start of our website. If you want to see a watch a step-by-step video on what all of the commands are doing then subscribe to the course below!

Working With The Command Line - Day 5

Coming Tomorrow -----> Creating Our First Website

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Written by Tim Moreton who lives and works
in Philadelphia building useful things.