WTF, HTML, CSS & JS - Day 4

So many acronyms, so little time!

What does it all mean!?

  • WTF - I hope you already know this very technical term
  • HTML - Hypertext Markup Language
  • CSS - Cascading Style Sheets
  • JS - Javascript

Still confused?

If you have never coded before then you should be but hopefully my analogy of a house under construction will help paint a better picture of the differences between these 3 languages.


Picture this, you are driving down the street and you see this new house being constructed and all the have up at the moment is that wood framing. You can see the roof, maybe some cutouts for the doors and windows but not much else yet. Think of this bare structure as the HTML of the real-world. Just as wood and steel structures are the backbone of your homes & cities, HTML is the backbone of the internet and is what 100% of the websites in the world are built on.


Ok so now we have our wooden structure with HTML but what about the walls, paint and furniture to make it look like a livable house? Now could you live in the the structure of a wooden frame house with nothing else? Well yeh technically, but it wouldn’t be very fun. The same goes with CSS & HTML. While HTML is required to build every website on the internet, CSS isn’t exactly required but if I had to guess, about 99% of the websites use it to make it look like an actual functioning website. How things are sized, colored & positioned on a webpage is all done with CSS which we will get used to using in the next few weeks.


And finally Javascript. Once again, you could technically live in that house with just the wood structure, walls, paint and some furniture but you wouldn’t have any electricity for the lights or plumbing for running water…have fun with that. (As I’m writing this I’m realizing I may be taking this analogy too far but I remember learning to code when I first started and took me awhile to fully understand.) So that’s where Javascript coming in to provide real functionality to our house and website. Our first iteration of our site won’t actually use javascript, once we get used to coding a bit though we will integrate it in order to do quite a few things like: collect user emails, add dropdown menus, track page analytics & much more!

Tomorrow we will finally get started learning some tangible skills working in the terminal and creating an HTML document.

For a more detailed explanation of the three languages checkout my youtube video below

WTF is HTML, CSS & JS - Day 4

Coming Tomorrow -----> Hacking the Matrix! 🤦‍

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