What Makes Your Product Different? - Day 20

What makes you different?

We could get deep and real philosophical about life but for today we’ll keep it to a discussion around our product and website. If you have already gotten this far through the course or your own startup, I am sure you have already thought of this question already.

What makes people want to buy or use your product/service over your competition?

There has to be some aspect of your product/service that made you think, “I think people will pay for it”, for you to pursue it thus far. Whatever that is, the homepage of your website is the main place where you need to make that clear. Being able to code a little bit gives you so much creative freedom in making your website different from your competition. For DamnGoodBrew, our difference maker is the ease at which people can make cold brew in less than a minute. That is why I made it clear the 3 steps it takes to make cold brew and how easy anyone can make their own with our product.

Be Creative

This is one of my favorite parts of coding, you can basically do whatever you want in code from using a combination of text, images, gifs, videos, quotes and so much more to differentiate your product from others.


Check out the video below for a more in-depth overview for the Zero to Startup in 30 Days Challenge.

Adding HTML HomePage Sections

Coming Tomorrow -----> How To Add A Blog

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Written by Tim Moreton who lives and works
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