How Much Does A Startup Cost? - Day 2

When you think about it, all it costs to build a startup is $10.99


It’s super interesting to just put yourself as an consumer back 20-30 years before the internet became so ingrained in our everyday lives. Imagine being out of toilet paper and not having Amazon for one-click ordering, you had to actually walk/drive down the street and carry around this big ass pack of 24 rolls.

OMG How Could You Survive!?!

I mean a lot of people still do that but the point is that the internet has made buying new products so easy and not only has that helped us as a consumer, but also you as an Entrepreneur. Small startups are now directly able to compete with giant Fortune 100 companies for consumer attention as companies become more in tune with what the customer actually wants, not just what is readily available.


Leasing out actual storefronts and needing a large sum of capital to get started are a thing of the past and can be replaced by a domain name for $10.99. The storefront of today and the future is a great brand that costomers love and that starts with a domain name. In the Zero To Startup In 30 Days Course we are going to leverage this low cost advantage new startups have along with the tons of free online resources are available to us, we just need to learn how to use them.

Technologies We Will Learn & Use:


  • Domain registrar to buy our domain and setup the ability to connect to Github and other services we will integrate into our startup.

    Cost? $10.99/year


  • Think of it as simply a place in the “cloud” to store our code and provide use with free hosting for our website.

    Cost? FREE forever


  • Awesome service with ton of different features but ones I want to focus on are the SSL Certificates and CDN which provides global hosting for super fast & secure websites!

    Cost? FREE (some features are paid but none we need at first)

Google Analytics

  • Add the ability to track our users on the websites to see what we can modify/enhance in the future.

    Cost? FREE forever


  • Optional: Look more professional with a custom email address to match your domain ie.

    Cost? starts at $5/month


  • Acquire and communicate users with newsletters

    Cost? FREE (some features are paid but none we need at first)


  • This is an open-source blog software which is free and able to be used however you want. We only need to use this if we want to integrate a blog into our website but is also a great beginner step into learning more Javascript & React.

    Cost? FREE forever


  • Full-ecommerce solution that works with static websites like ours will be, very cheap and easy to get start and very customizable, soemthing that can’t be said for competitors like Shopify.

    Cost? starts at $10/month


I hope you can join the Zero To Startup In 30 Days (subscribe below!) course to start building your own startup. I am so confident in all of the technologies we are going to use and learn during the course that I actually use all of the ones listed on this site you are reading this article on!

How Much Does A Startup Cost? - Day 2

Coming Tomorrow -----> How & Where Do We Buy Our First Domain Name?

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Written by Tim Moreton who lives and works
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