Why Habits Matter? - Day 15

Habits are key to getting shit done!

It’s early morning and your alarm goes off, you get out of bed and either go straight for the shower or downstairs for that morning cup of coffee. Either way you are only half awake and still manage to get through your morning routine and off to work without a hitch. Did you consciously think about getting a shower, washing your hair, brushing your teeth and pouring that morning cup of coffee or was it just habit taking over and almost automatically going through your routine? That’s a habit.

How The Hell Did I Get Here?

I think the most obvious example of a habit (for me at least) is when your are driving down the road to a place you been to a million times but on this occasion you get a phone call and have a full conversation while driving. By the time you get to your location and off the phone you look up and wonder how the hell you got there without crashing the car.

The Power of Habit

The Power of Habit is an awesome book that clearly illustrate the power of habits, I would highly recommend giving it a read. (But maybe skip speed read through the examples because they can get a bit boring).

How Does This Relate to Zero to Startup in 30 Days?

My goal in creating this course wasn’t just to challenge you as a person to learn how to code by building a startup but also to challenge myself to create a habit out of creating new content everyday. Every morning I wake up, get that cup of coffee (from DamGoodBrew.co!) and get to work on my Youtube tutorial video for the day along with a corresponding article. I’ll admit it was hard as hell at first, BUT everyday I get more practice you work away at getting better and better and creating a habit out of it. The first day it was hard to get started but now I wake up excited to create new content!

Create Your Own Habit

I picked 30 days for this course to pick one specific aspect of building a website and make it easy to learn with just 10-30 min per day. Add that up over a 30 day period and you’ll be amazed how much progress you have made and actually know how to code! Stop making excuses for not building upon that startup idea you have had over the last year and challenge yourself to learn more!


Check out the video below for a more in-depth overview for the Zero to Startup in 30 Days Challenge.

Don't Let Your Dreams, Be Dreams

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