My Startup Idea - Day 1

“Ideas are worthless. Execution is everything.” -Scott Adams


I believe there is a disconnect amongst many in what it takes to build a successful startup/business and it’s that all you need is a great idea.

As a Software Engineer I get tons of people reaching out asking if I will build their “amazing app idea”. I wouldn’t mind it at all if they were offering to pay me, but instead they insist it’s a billion dollar idea and if I build it for free, they will so generously give me half the company.

How could I turn that down!

If I said yes eveytime this happened, I would be working none stop for the next 100 years with no income and 50% ownership of a couple hundred eventual failed ideas. You don’t need a fully built app or product to start testing out your idea, all you need is a some basic coding knowledge and landing page for people to see your what you have to offer.

What’s Your Idea?

In the Zero to Startup in 30 Days course we are going to take a very simple approach that has clearly working for current companies big and small. Take a look at these great infographics below, from Anna Vital at, on how Airbnb and Instagram were started and I will meet you down below.

How Airbnb Got Started How Instagram Got Started


There are 3 key takeaways from these infographics that we are going to use in our own business.

1. Build A Simple Prototype

2. Quickly Test Idea In The Market

3. Be Passionate

My Startup Idea - Day 1

Coming Tomorrow -----> How Much Does It Actually Cost To Build A Startup?

Want To Learn How To Turn Your Ideas Into Code?

Written by Tim Moreton who lives and works
in Philadelphia building useful things.